Cloakroom Tags, Pre-Printed Coat & Bag Design, 100 Pairs

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Pre-Printed Cloakroom Tags with a coat and bag design, numbered 001-100 with a disclaimer, for professional standard handling of cloakrooms. Manufactured from biodegradable PVC, the numbered Cloakroom Tags are credit-card sized, pre-punched with an 8mm hole, making them ideal for hospitality and events.

Sizes Available:
86 x 54mm

760 Microns Credit Card Thickness.
Full Colour Double-Sided Print.
Pre-Printed Text & Numbering.

Pre-Printed Cloakroom Tags.

Pre-Printed Cloakroom Tags with a coat and bag design, perfect for events, conferences and restaurants.

Manufactured from Biodegradable PVC, the Cloakroom Tags feature a pre-printed design, with numbering from 001-100.

A cost effective solution, the Pre-Printed Tags are a standard credit card size and thickness, with a matt finish to provide a durable option to paper alternatives.

  • 100 pairs of Pre-Printed Cloakroom Tags