Card Fulfilment & Mailing Services

We offer a complete fulfilment service to get your cards safely into the hands of your customers or members.

We can print and personalise your cards, match and mount them onto a personalised letter, fold and insert them into envelopes and include any merchandise you want to add. We then mail them out using our highly competitive postal rates.

Our sophisticated machines do this quickly and accurately, removing duplicates and ensuring zero errors.

We can also receive the personal data securely and in real time from your via our API integration service.

Take the hard work out of card issuance. Get in touch for a quote.

Why use our Card Fulfilment Services?

Significant time and labour savings versus doing it yourself.

Lower postage costs compared to Royal Mail standard pricing.

Frees up your resources to spend time on other things.

Accurate with no risk of human error.

Fast. We can fulfil up to 2,000 cards per hour.

Our sophisticated machines match up items automatically, reject duplicates & provide a time stamped record.

API Fulfilment Development

API Integration Service

Rather than sending your personal data to us via email or Excel spreadsheets, we can receive the data in real-time through our API integration service.

Communicating this way allows us to share two-way information, resulting in faster turnaround times, real-time updates and more robust security.

Learn more about API Integration.

Letters being carried in a UK Mail box

We’ll get your cards where they need to be, quickly, accurately & competitively

Our sophisticated high-speed machines can handle up to 2,000 cards per hour, taking the hard work out of card issuance.

If you have large volumes of cards that need issuing regularly, or have a one-off requirement, we can help.

The Process

Choose all our services, or just the ones you need.

Print & Personalise Cards

We print your base cards and personalise them with names, numbers and any other unique data for each card holder.

Card Fulfilment How It Works Prepare Letter Icon

Prepare Letter or Carrier

We print the individual letters from a supplied database, ready for matching with their card.

Card Fulfilment How It Works Attach Letter Icon

Attach Card to Letter

Our sophisticated match mailing machine matches the correct card to the correct letter and records the event.

Card Fulfilment How It Works Fold Letter Icon

Fold, Insert & Add Extras

Letters are folded and inserted into envelopes at high speed, and any leaflets or additional items added.

Choice of Mailing Services

We mail out the envelopes to your card holders according to the mailing service you have chosen.

Cards being inserted into printer

We have multiple years of experience working with large card fulfilment contracts and abide by all data compliance regulations.

Our sophisticated machinery eliminates human error and records a time stamp of successful attachment and fulfilment.

Red Royal Mail Postage Box

We have access to various mailing services that vary in cost depending on the speed of service you require.

These can deliver significant cost savings when compared to a similar Royal Mail service and it’s often for this reason alone that customers choose to have their cards fulfilled and mailed by us.

Woman using her debit card for a purchase on a card machine

We work with customers that have a range of requirements, including:

  • One-off or annual card mailouts to hundreds of members as part of a membership programme.
  • Regular weekly fulfilment for ID card schemes.
  • Monthly personalisation of cards for new members joining all over the world.

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Type of projects we manage:
  • Membership Card or Loyalty Card Mailing
  • Enrolment Mailing
  • Promo Card or Gift Card Mailing
  • ID Card Mailing
  • Season Ticket Mailing
  • Transport Card Mailing

Fulfilment & Mailing FAQs

Get answers to common questions about fulfilment and mailing.

Can you personalise base cards with details like names or numbers?

Absolutely. We can overprint personalised information on supplied base cards, or we can print those base cards for you.

Are your mailing costs lower then Royal Mail standard pricing?

On a like-for-like basis, the mailing costs that we can offer will be lower than Royal Mail.

It’s often for this reason alone that people choose us to fulfil and mail their cards.

Do you keep a record of all cards that have been matched up & mailed out?

Yes. During the match mailing process a date and time stamp is recorded for each card number.

Is the database updated when a card is successfully sent out?

When a card has been successfully matched and folded, the mailer machine writes back to the database to confirm a successful mailing and record a timestamp.

How are you able to match the card to the correct letter?

Each card is printed with a unique identifier, which could be contained within the existing magnetic stripe or a QR code/Barcode.

As the card goes through the match mailer, it reads the unique identifier, checks it against the supplied database and finds the record. The card is then matched and affixed to the corresponding letter.

Are you able to add merchandise such as promotions into each envelope?

Yes, we can include most things into the envelope pack. You may want to include promotional items such as leaflets, stickers or pens – please ask us for quote.

Can I use the match mailing & fulfilment service & post the cards myself?

Yes. We can match up the cards, insert and fold and then send you the completed envelopes for you to mail yourself if you wish.

Can you fulfil wood cards?

Unfortunately not. Our machine is only capable of handling plastic cards.

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