Cloakroom Tags

Carry your branding right through to your Cloakroom Tags

Custom Printed and pre-printed packs available off-the-shelf. Sustainable range includes Wooden Cloakroom Tags and Biodegradable PVC options.

Professionally printed Cloakroom Tags are always going to impress way more than paper tickets or raffle tickets. They're also durable and reusable, won't get torn and are less likely to get lost or damaged.

Our range of custom printed tags include Cloakroom Tags and CLOAKIES®, our mini plastic tags, which are half credit card size. We also offer printed & engraved Wood & Bamboo tags and biodegradable PVC.

We also stock pre-printed Cloakroom Tickets on the shelf and ready to ship; ideal for events and conferences, or for when the budget won't stretch to branded.

All of our Cloakroom Tags are supplied as matched, numbered pairs; giving you one tag to slip over the hanger, and its twin to be handed to the guest.

Get in touch to request a sample pack or start a chat with us for more information.

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Warren Street Hotel custom printed cloakroom tags pictured on a bench

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Sample Pack

Check out some sample Cloakroom Tags before you order.

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