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Name Badge Printers for personalising PVC Event Passes and Accreditation Passes on demand.

Our Event Pass Printer range features powerful printers that are compatible with various sizes of PVC event passes. They are designed to personalise pre-printed event name badges with photographs and names on the day, or in the lead up to your event.

Commonly used for accreditation at major sporting events and conferences, these 'plug and print' an event badge printer prints in full colour or monochrome quickly and reliably; giving you personalised event passes in seconds.

Not sure which event badge printer is the best fit for your needs? Give our friendly team a call, we'll be happy to advise you.

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Printed Event Card with lanyard left on a seat

Sustainable Events Range

Make a statement about your event with Wood, Paperboard or Recycled PVC.

Event Cards with a lanyard placed down on a table

Event Badges & Passes

Name Badges and Event Passes in various sizes and materials.

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20+ years' experience in the ID, Printing and Security Sectors.

Sustainable Card Range

Recycled & Biodegradable Plastic, Paperboard and Wood Options.

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