Brilliantly Branded Event Badges, Passes and Personalised Lanyards

One of the first ways a delegate will engage with your event is at registration.

First impressions matter. We deliver high quality event badges and accreditation products for events of all sizes, all over the world: on time and to budget. Whether it’s Wood Name Badges, Personalised Lanyards or reliable Event Pass Printers to allow you to personalise passes on the day, we’ve got your back.

Talk to us about what you want to achieve with your event.

Event Badges & Passes
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Personalised Lanyards
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Event & Accreditation Printers
Sustainable Wood Card printed for Weetwood Hall Estate pictured planted in the ground
ECO Friendly

Sustainable Events

Make a statement about your eco-principles at your next event.

Our range includes reusable Wood, Paperboard or Biodegradable PVC and Recycled Lanyards.

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Sustainable Wood Card printed for Weetwood Hall Estate pictured planted in the ground

Reusable Wood Name Badges

Pre-print these Wood and Bamboo badges with your branding, then personalise them on the day with transparent stickers.

Peel them off at the end and use the badges again at your next event.

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Custom Printed Large Event Passes on a table

Photo Accreditation Passes & Printers

Name Badge Printers for personalising PVC Event Passes and Accreditation Passes on demand.

Ideal for Sporting Events and Conferences.

Custom Printed Large Event Passes on a table

Delegate Wranglers Event Badges & Lanyards

“The Card Network have been just a delight to work with. And when you marry that to their fab sustainable badging, you're onto a winner.

We couldn't be more happy with the badges & lanyards, which are easy to make, as well as looking super professional and funky.

The number of comments we had about the badges at our recent event was off the scale."

Neil Thompson, The Delegate Wranglers

Video Credit: First Sight Media

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A Panda eating bamboo

Why Bamboo is the Sustainable Choice

Often branded 'the green steel' due to its durability and strength, Bamboo is also one of the fastest growing plants on the planet.

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The Sustainable Breakfast Briefing screen at the BMA House in London

Case Study: Event Industry News

A Sustainable Breakfast Briefing required a Sustainable Badging response. Enter our Bamboo Name Badges.

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Branded West Horsley Place cards and lanyards at an event

Branded Lanyards made from Plastic Bottles

All of our Personalised Lanyards are made from either rPET (recycled plastic bottles) or bamboo.

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Friendly Printing Experts

20+ years' experience in the ID, Printing and Security Sectors.

Sustainable Card Range

Recycled & Biodegradable Plastic, Paperboard and Wood Options.

We Deliver On Our Promises

It's the main reason we consistently get 5-Star Customer Reviews.