Wood RFID Cards, Custom Printed

Size: Credit Card: 86 x 54mm
Wood: Bamboo
Technology: MIFARE Classic®
Wood RFID card & bamboo key cards, custom engraved or custom printed to your branding. Choice of technology chips including MIFARE®, Salto, Fudan. The Eco Friendly choice for your hotel key cards, EV charging cards and travel cards.


  • Barcodes & QR Codes
  • Personalisation

Sizes Available:
86 x 54mm

Woods Available:
Bamboo, Beech, Birch, Black Walnut & Cherry

Printing and/or Engraving.
Various Thickness Available.

Turnaround Time

Standard turnaround time is 4 weeks from sign-off of artwork, not order date.

Size: Credit Card: 86 x 54mm
Wood: Bamboo
Technology: MIFARE Classic®
Product information

Want to see some samples?

No problem, fill in our Samples Request Form and we’ll get some out in the post to you.

Our wood cards are manufactured from responsible and sustainable wood sources. They are 100% plastic free and are naturally biodegradable.

Please read our Wood Printing Guide prior to ordering for some tips on how to get the best from your cards, and whether engraving or colour print is right for you.

Please note that wood is a natural product so each card will be slightly different. Also by their very nature, wood cards are not as durable or as long lasting as PVC.

Wood RFID Card Range including Bamboo Key Cards.

The ECO Friendly choice for your Hotel Key Cards, EV Charging Cards, Transport Cards and more.

Wood RFID Cards custom engraved or custom printed to your design. Available in a choice of technology chips.

All our Wooden RFID cards are manufactured using wood and bamboo from responsible and sustainable sources.

Looking to be more sustainable with your choice of contactless smart card?
These wood and bamboo RFID cards are a great way of displaying your green credentials to guests and customers. Unlike plastic that's used in the majority of RFID cards, these wooden cards will degrade naturally over time. Please note however that the embedded chip is not recyclable.

Ideal for travel and transportation use, cashless payments, access control and door entry.

Various Technology Chips Available.
We offer all standard industry chips including MIFARE®, Fudan, Salto and NTAG. We can also supply wooden key cards and bamboo key cards to work with most door lock systems.

Wood Card Printing and Engraving Options.
You can choose to have laser engraving on your cards, or full colour print. You can also do a combination of them both. To understand when to use one over the other please read our Wood Card Printing Guide. Please note that by their nature, wooden cards are not as durable or as long lasting as PVC or plastic cards.

Please ask us for a sample card to test on your system before ordering.
Samples of the different woods are also available.

The following is included as standard:

RFID Chips.
Available in a range of technologies.

Printing and/or Engraving.
Read our Wood Printing Guide for when to use one over the other.

The following options and features are available at an extra cost. Please contact us for a bespoke quote.

Printed UID Number.

Print individual names, numbers, Barcodes or QR codes on each card.

Wood Cards Common FAQs

Get answers to questions about our Custom Wood Cards.

Is there a price difference depending on which wood I choose for my cards?

No, the price is the same for all.

Is one wood more sustainable than another?

Bamboo is the most sustainable option of our wood cards due to how rapidly it grows and replenishes.

However it is less robust than other woods as it’s technically a grass, so is a softer material. Therefore you can expect more ‘bend’ from a bamboo card.

Can I have engraving and printing on my cards?

Yes, you can combine both engraving and colour print on your wood cards if you wish.

Will all my wood cards look the same?

Wood is by its nature a natural product, therefore each card will be slightly different depending on the grain or colour of the particular piece of wood used. You should expect variances in colour and texture throughout the card run. This is what makes them unique!

Generally speaking you get more inconsistencies using bamboo due to its softer nature, so if consistency of the finished product is most important to you we would recommend going with a wood rather than bamboo.

I’ve got small details on my cards, am I better with engraving or printing?

We always recommend any small text or complicated design is done with print only to aid legibility.

Engraving is best used for large text or simple design elements.

Are your wood cards as long lasting as PVC?

No. Because wood is a natural degradable product, they aren’t as durable or as long lasting as PVC cards.

What’s the difference between bamboo and wood?

Bamboo is more sustainable due to how quickly it grows and replenishes, however it is not as durable as other woods and you will experience more of a ‘bend’ with a bamboo card.

You can also expect more of a variation in terms of the print or engraving finish on bamboo cards when compared to wood.

Can you send me out a sample wood card?

Sure – let us know which wood you’re interested in and the type of card you’re looking to produce and we’ll send you one out in the post.