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Search our range of contactless cards, proximity cards, keyfobs and door entry readers from all the leading manufacturers.

We stock genuine access control products from Paxton, HID, Vanderbilt, PAC, Salto, TDSi, Kantech and more.

Our Gentech range also offers lower cost compatibles to many popular ranges.

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Access Control Packaging

Check the box or packaging your existing cards came in.

This will usually have the brand on it, plus the part number. You can enter this into our search box.

Access Control Logo or Number on Card

No Box left? Look for a logo or number on the card itself.

There will often be the name of the manufacturer on the card.

Access Control Readers

Check the reader on your wall.

Is there a logo or product name on it?

Access Control Invoices

Check an old invoice or purchase order.

This is likely to have details of the product code you need.

Contact Us About Your Access Control

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We'll do our best to help! We may ask for a photo of your existing card/fob and reader, or to send us a card in the post.

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Tenant Keyfobs for Household

You will need to speak to your landlord or building owner.

We only sell access fobs and cards off-the-shelf. These will need to be programmed to work on your individual system by the person who manages your access requirements.

Paxton Net2 Keyfob With Access Control Reader

We are unable to do keyfob cloning, we only sell the cards and fobs for you to program onto systems yourselves, and don't offer a keyfob copy service.

Custom Printed RFID Card for National Grid EV Charging

We can send out a sample card of fob to test on your system in many cases. Please contact us for more information.

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20+ years' experience in the ID, Printing and Security Sectors.

Sustainable Card Range

Recycled & Biodegradable Plastic, Paperboard and Wood Options.

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