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Biodegradable Plastic Cards, Custom Printed From £95.00 (£114.00 inc VAT)
100% Recycled Plastic Cards, Custom Printed From £95.00 (£114.00 inc VAT)
ECOCard 85, 1K RFID Cards, 100 Pack £38.00 (£45.60 inc VAT)
Paperboard Cards, Custom Printed From £81.00 (£97.20 inc VAT)
Paperboard Event Badges, Custom Printed From £97.00 (£116.40 inc VAT)

Paua's ECO-Friendly Charge

Paua’s search for an eco-friendly charge card that can survive the ‘back pocket’ test.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

From offering alternatives to traditional PVC cards for our customers, to our own eco-friendly approaches.

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ECO Friendly

Helping Village Hotels move to Biodegradable PVC Cards

Village Hotels lead the way with a swap to biodegradable Hotel Key Cards and Membership Cards.

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Biodegradable, rPET or Recycled?

What’s the difference and which suits you best?

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rPET & Bamboo Lanyards

All our personalised lanyards are made from Recycled Plastic Bottles or Bamboo.