Event Badges & Passes

Make an immediate impression with brilliantly branded event passes

Event Badges and Event Passes, custom printed to your requirements. Various sizes and materials available including PVC, Paperboard, Wood and Recycled or BIodegradable Plastic.

One of the first ways you'll engage with your delegates is when they receive their event pass or event badge. Our customised passes and event name badges will brand your event brilliantly and make the right first impression.

We have a full sustainable Events range, including Wood, Paperboard and Recycled or Biodegradable plastic.

Get in touch to request a sample pack or start a chat with us for more information.

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Printed ID Cards being worn at an event

Our range of Event Pass Printers and Accreditation Printers give you the flexibility of printing photo ID passes on demand.

We can print pre-branded passes for you in advance for you to overprint on with personalisation. Large oversized passes, regular sized passes and long and thin are available.

Personalised Event Lanyards made from Recycled PET material or bamboo.

Available on a regular or fast track UK service for when you need them urgently.

Vibrant green Recycle Here sign on wall

Our Biodegradable PVC cards are made with an additive that enables them to naturally degrade in microbe rich environments such as biologically active landfill.

Being faster to breakdown means less greenhouse gas emissions and carbon dioxide being released.

Our Recycled PVC (R-PVC) cards are made with a Recycled PVC rather than virgin plastic, which prevents more plastic from entering the supply chain. The proportion depends on the card, either 85% or 100%.

Friendly Printing Experts

20+ years' experience in the ID, Printing and Security Sectors.

Sustainable Card Range

Recycled & Biodegradable Plastic, Paperboard and Wood Options.

We Deliver On Our Promises

It's the main reason we consistently get 5-Star Customer Reviews.