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Custom printed cards on Wood, Paperboard and Recycled or Biodegradable plastic.

Need custom printed cards but looking for a more sustainable approach? Want to display your eco credentials on your membership cards, hotel key cards or contactless RFID cards?

Our Eco Friendly cards range includes Wood Cards, Recycled Plastic Cards, Biodegradable Plastic cards and Paperboard cards, most of which can include an RFID chip to work with your access control, transport or hotel key card system. All are fully customisable to your design and branding, with various features and finishes available.

Recycled & Biodegradable Plastic Cards
Wood & Bamboo Cards
Paperboard Cards & Passes

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Biodegradable Plastic Cards, Custom Printed From £95.00 (£114.00 inc VAT)
100% Recycled Plastic Cards, Custom Printed From £95.00 (£114.00 inc VAT)
ECOCard 85, 1K RFID Cards, 100 Pack £38.00 (£45.60 inc VAT)
Paperboard Cards, Custom Printed From £81.00 (£97.20 inc VAT)
Paperboard Event Badges, Custom Printed From £97.00 (£116.40 inc VAT)
ECO Friendly

Helping Village Hotels move to Biodegradable PVC Cards

Village Hotels lead the way with a swap to biodegradable Hotel Key Cards and Membership Cards.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

From offering alternatives to traditional PVC cards for our customers, to our own eco-friendly approaches.

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Sustainable EV Charging Custom Printed Cards and Keyfobs on grass

Paua's ECO-Friendly Charge

Paua’s search for an eco-friendly charge card that can survive the ‘back pocket’ test.

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Sustainable EV Charging Custom Printed Cards and Keyfobs on grass

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Biodegradable compostable bags

Biodegradable, rPET or Recycled?

What’s the difference and which suits you best?

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rPET & Bamboo Lanyards

All our personalised lanyards are made from Recycled Plastic Bottles or Bamboo.

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Sustainable Card Range

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