Wood Cards

Make an immediate visual statement about what you stand for

Choose a more sustainable wood card or bamboo cards for your Key Card, Business Card, Membership Card or RFID Card.

Fully engraved or custom printed to your requirements.

If you want your cards to stand out and show your ECO credentials, you'll make a real impression with our wood cards or bamboo cards. Choose to engrave or custom print them. Include an RFID chip if you need them to work with your access, door lock or transport system.

If you're looking to move away from plastic to a more sustainable option, consider the warmth and tactile nature of wood. We can create your cards in four different woods or bamboo, the most sustainable option of them all.


Venues Collection move to Bamboo

The sustainable move from PVC to Bamboo RFID Key Cards.

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Sustainable Events Range

Explore our Wood Name Badges, Recycled PVC Event Passes, Bamboo Lanyards & more.

Sustainable EV Charging Custom Printed Cards and Keyfobs on grass

Paua's ECO-Friendly Charge

Paua’s search for an eco-friendly charge card that can survive the ‘back pocket’ test.

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Sustainable EV Charging Custom Printed Cards and Keyfobs on grass

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Why Bamboo is Most Sustainable

Bamboo, or ‘green steel’ is one of the fastest growing plants on earth.

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Paperboard Passes

Made from 270 gsm paperboard, these passes are ideal for short-term or limited use, Fully recyclable.


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Sustainable Card Range

Recycled & Biodegradable Plastic, Paperboard and Wood Options.

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