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Eco Card Range – Eco Friendly ID Cards

Sustainable ID Cards, Membership Cards and Door Access Cards. RFID available across various technologies.

Available as eco-friendly blank cards for you to personalise using your own card printer or as custom printed. Our range includes Recycled PVC and Biodegradable PVC.

Looking for something that makes more of an obvious sustainable statement? Explore our Wood and Bamboo Range, or Paperboard Cards.

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ECOCard85 RFID Cards - Blank or Custom Printed
ECOCardBio - Custom Printed Biodegradable PVC
ECOCard100 - Custom Printed Recycled PVC
20% Recycled Card Custom Printed for Altoria
Sustainable Education Products

Sustainable Student ID Cards

We support many Universities & Colleges with their student enrolment.

Education providers are looking for sustainable wins across their operations, one of which is switching to eco-friendly ID cards.

View our ECOCard85 - 1K RFID Card made from Recycled PVC.

We also supply Recycled Custom Lanyards (made from plastic bottles) and Recycled ID Card Holders.

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Village Hotels Biodegradable PVC Cards


Helping Village Hotels move to Biodegradable PVC Cards

Biodegradable RFID Cards for Guests and Members, inline with the Group's Sustainability Policy.

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Many educational establishments are considering the pros and cons of moving over to a Mobile Student ID pass from a physical card. On a sustainable and usability level, this approach has many benefits, but the investment in terms of upgrading hardware can be significant.

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Plastic bottles in a recycling centre

Biodegradable PVC Cards are made with an additive that enables them to naturally degrade in biological active environments such as landfill.

Recycled PVC Cards are made with a proportion of Recycled PVC (this varies from 20% up to 100%).

Recycled PET is a type of plastic made from recycled plastic bottles and can be recycled many times.

Read more in our Blog.

Enviricard® Paperboard Card for use with ID Card Printers

One of the most common questions we’re asked is ‘Is it possible to print paper cards in a plastic card printer?

Until recently we would have to say no.

But that has now all changed with the introduction of the Enviricard®.

Read all about Enviricard® in our Blog.

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Sustainable Card Range

Recycled & Biodegradable Plastic, Paperboard and Wood Options.

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