Our Commitment to Sustainability

As a company, we are committed to ensuring responsible and sustainable practices that have a positive impact on our people, products, customers, partners, communities, and the environment.

Plastic is one of the biggest environmental problems our planet is dealing with. So as a company that produces plastic cards, that responsibility is even more keenly felt and we are always looking at how we can improve through product innovation and collaboration.

We have a very relevant part to play in reducing the amount of virgin plastic that enters the manufacturing chain. In addition to this, we are in the privileged position of being able to educate and inform organisational behaviour in terms of the cards chosen by providing sustainable alternatives to PVC at a reasonable cost.

What we’re doing to offer a more sustainable range of products to our customers

We were one of the first in our industry to research and develop a Sustainable Card Range to give alternatives to traditional PVC.

Custom Printed Biodegradable Cards for The Kia Oval Surrey Cricket Club
Custom Printed Biodegradable Cards for The Kia Oval Surrey Cricket Club
Cost of Goods

Ensuring an environmental choice does not have to mean a more expensive one

Our aim is to offer a sustainable option at a similar price to its usual counterpart, for example with our Wood Access Fobs, our 85% recycled blank white RFID cards or our 100% recycled blank cards for use in ID Card Printers.

Long green grass
Long green grass
Environmental Impact

Reducing the environmental impact of the products we sell

As well as sourcing recyclable or biodegradable materials, we source from within the UK wherever possible, so we are not incurring airmiles and contributing to emissions.

Printed Wooden Hotel Key Cards standing side-by-side
Printed Wooden Hotel Key Cards standing side-by-side
Supply Chain

Working with our supply chain partners to develop a range of ‘greener’ products

We are constantly working to find alternatives to traditional plastic, whether that’s Biodegradable or Recycled PVC, Wood or Paperboard.

But more importantly, we are working to bring down the costs of these options, to make it an easier decision to swap.

Offering Sustainable Products as Standard

Custom made Wooden Card for Beam UK with a Branded Purple Beam UK Lanyard

All of our stock and Personalised Lanyards are now made from rPET material (plastic Bottles) or Bamboo.

ID Cards in ID Holders being worn by two people at an event

They’re Made in Britain too. We operate a scheme where these can be sent back to us at the end of their use and we’ll send them off to be ground down ready to be used again.

Pre-Printed White Cloakroom Tags with a Coat & Bag design

This includes our packs of Cloakroom Tags, Key Cards and Key Cards.

What we do internally to consume less, recycle more and act responsibly

We believe that sustainability should be viewed as a driver for efficiency, meeting commercial as well as environmental goals.

  • We source products from sustainable sources wherever possible and use recycled materials.
  • All of our print products are printed on recycled paper, as is our stationery.
  • We choose our packaging based on minimal environmental impact. We reuse packaging materials if we can, and use compostable and biodegradable bags.
  • We use a licensed waste carrier that recycles all of our glass, paper and plastic.
  • We avoid single use plastics.
  • Our ink cartridges and plastic cards are recycled by a specialist supplier.
  • We create minimal events materials that are all reusable so we do not contribute to single-use products.
  • We reuse packaging materials.
  • We use public transport to travel to events or meetings. Where this isn’t possible, we car share.
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