An ECO-Friendly EV Charging Card for Paua Tech

About Paua Tech

Paua is the UK’s #1 electric vehicle fuel card, which brings together one card and one app with access to 37,000+ charge points in the UK.

Paua is passionate about simplifying electric vehicle charging to get more people into more electric cars faster. As the uptake in EV cars increases, so does Paua’s requirement for EV Charge cards; which led to their desire to find sustainable card options.

Paua’s search for an eco-friendly charge card

Following a review of other parties in the market, Paua chose The Card Network to partner with them on their journey to find a sustainable, secure RFID smartcard for their EV Charging Cards.

We have been working with Paua since 2021 and have produced their RFID cards for numerous different card projects. At the same time we have been testing various smart cards with different eco-friendly materials, layers and structures to ensure they can stand up to regular use.

Our Solution

Cherry was selected as the material of choice for their new EV Charge Card as it provided to be the most robust and allowed the design to stand out.

Customer Reaction

“Our entire business ethos is about reducing emissions to secure a better future, so we naturally wanted a charge card that reflects our sustainable principles. Both security and durability have been key and we’ve tested a number of products over the last 12 months with The Card Network to see which would perform well in our ‘back pocket’ test.”

“We were always focused on finding a wood card that was both durable and gave the ‘wow’ factor and we’ve recently arrived at a wood layered RFID card that we’re proud to carry the Paua name.”

Niall Riddell
CEO and Founder

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