Village Hotel Club: Leading the way with Biodegradable PVC Cards

About Village Hotel Club

Village Hotel Club has 33 locations throughout the UK. Offering much more than a traditional hotel, every Village also comes equipped with a health and wellness club, pub & grill, meeting and event rooms and co-working space.

The Village Green: moving to a better, sustainable future

As part of their ‘Stay Green’ programme that takes positive action to limit their environmental impact, Village contacted us to discuss the sustainable options available to replace their traditional PVC Cards.

Village Hotel Club currently uses RFID Hotel Key Cards, Membership Cards and Temporary Meeting Cards in each of their locations.

We entered a consultation period with the procurement team where we looked at the different options available, comparing various samples to assess print quality and durability, as well as weighing up the pros and cons of Wood RFID versus Recycled PVC Cards and Biodegradable PVC.

Our Solution

The swap to Biodegradable PVC and rPET (recycled plastic bottles) material.

Village Hotel Club is leading the way in the industry by making the decision to move all of their keycards, membership cards and lanyards to a more sustainable material.

All of their cards are now made from Biodegradable PVC, and all lanyards have now been swapped to rPET material, made from recycled plastic bottles.

Biodegradable PVC breaks down and degrades faster than normal PVC or recyclable PVC due to the additive included during manufacturing. This additive literally ‘eats away’ at the card when it enters the right conditions, e.g. active landfill.

This means of ‘breaking down’ also results in less greenhouse gas emissions and a reduction in carbon dioxide levels.

Recycled PET uses a more eco-friendly manufacturing process than regular PVC and can be indefinitely recycled. It’s the material found in plastic bottles, so most RPET products once lived life as a drinking bottle.

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