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Biodegradable, RPET or Recycled – what’s the difference?

Biodegradable, RPET or Recycled – what’s the difference?

If you’re considering an eco-friendly option for your next printed plastic card project, you’re probably looking at the different materials available.

Wood, bamboo and paperboard are fairly straightforward, but what’s the difference when it comes to PVC?

Biodegradable PVC
Our biodegradable PVC cards are made with an additive that enables them to naturally degrade in microbe rich environments such as biologically active landfill.

Being faster to breakdown than regular PVC also means less greenhouse gas emissions and carbon dioxide are released.

✔️ Fully degradable in microbe rich environments
✔️ Offer the same print quality as regular plastic cards
✔️ Same thickness and feel as a regular credit card
✔️ Recyclable in the correct facilities, but not normal household recycling

Recycled PVC
These cards differ from the Biodegradable cards in that they are made with a certain amount of recycled PVC rather than virgin plastic, so more plastic isn’t entering the supply chain.

The amount of recycled material included in the card depends on the card’s make-up, and the price generally increases the higher the percentage is. We offer:

Recycled PETG
Recycled PETG or polyethylene terephthalate glycol is a thermoplastic polyester that uses a more eco-friendly manufacturing process than regular PVC. It’s also the material that plastic bottles are made from.

So more often that not, your recycled PETG cards or lanyards are made from old plastic bottles.

PETG is processed on recycling lines that clean and flake the waste back into pellets to make PETG sheets that is then turned into cards or lanyards.

PETG is extremely robust and offers a suitable eco alternative to regular plastic cards as it is easily recycled through standard household recycling.

✔️ Easily recyclable in household waste
✔️ Added strength due to toughness and ability to handle higher temperatures

If you’re looking for a more immediate demonstration of your eco-principles for customers or staff, consider our Paperboard Cards or Wood Cards.

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