Visitor Pass Storage Tower

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Style: Horizontal
Visitor Pass Plastic Wallet Storage Tower, available in either horizontal or vertical formats. Perfect for creating a tidy, organised system for visitor passes, the Storage Towers are manufactured from a highly durable plastic, designed to hold up to 20 visitor plastic wallets.

Horizontal Size:
208 x 115 x 110mm

Vertical Size:
110 x 100 x 200mm

Style: Horizontal

Pass Wallet Storage Tower.

Pass Wallet Storage Towers, manufactured from a tough, durable plastic to store visitor and contractor wallets.

Capable of holding up to 20 visitor wallets, the Storage Towers are available in two formats, horizontal or vertical.

Perfect for creating a tidy, organised system, the Visitor Pass Storage Towers ensure your visitor management system is efficient and convenient.

  • Visitor Pass Storage Tower