PAC 21105 MIFARE® Proximity Cards, 10 Pack

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Blank PAC 21105 MIFARE® Smart Cards are a printable blank MIFARE® card with 4 byte none UID, suitable for customising with any ID card printer. Featuring a read range of 45mm, the PAC MIFARE® Cards operate at 13.56 MHz frequency and are a standard credit card size, making for secure access control cards.
  • PAC Access Control Systems

PAC 21105 MIFARE® Proximity Cards.

PAC MIFARE® 1K Smart Cards designed for use with PAC access control systems.

Operating at 13.56 MHz, the PAC MIFARE® Prox Cards can be customised with an ID card printer, to create ID cards, membership cards, access control cards and more.

With a read range of up to 45mm, the PAC 21105 Prox Cards are a standard CR80 credit card size.

PAC 21105 MIFARE® Cards are compatible with:

  • PAC Access Control Systems
  • 10 pack of PAC 21105 MIFARE® Smart Cards