PAC 21030 KeyPAC Proximity Cards, 10 Pack

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Blank PAC 21030 KeyPAC ISO Proximity Cards designed for use with all OneProx and KeyPAC readers. Operating at 125kHz frequency, these PAC Proximity Cards are a standard CR80 credit card size and can be customised with an ID card printer to produce secure ID cards.
  • KeyPAC Readers
  • OneProx Readers

PAC 21030 KeyPAC Proximity Cards.

PAC Proximity Cards are a high quality, blank PVC access control card, designed for use with OneProx and KeyPAC readers.

A standard CR80 credit card size, the KeyPAC Proximity Cards can be customised with an ID card printer, allowing users to create secure photo ID cards, membership cards, visitor passes and more.

Available as a pack of 10, the PAC Proximity Cards feature a no-battery design, enabling an infinite number of reads.

PAC 21030 Cards are compatible with:

  • KeyPAC Readers
  • OneProx Readers
  • 10 pack of PAC 21030 KeyPAC Proximity Cards