API Integration

We work with a variety of organisations that need to regularly send personalised printed cards to their customers or members.

We do this on their behalf using our comprehensive fulfilment and mailing service.

When it comes to receiving personal data for each individual card, our preferred method is to receive it via our API integration service, which is one of the most reliable and secure methods of transferring personal information.

What is an API?

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It's an automated way for different systems to talk to each other & share information.

You may have an inventory application for example from one software provider, and a different application for invoicing. Often these systems don't talk to each other, which means manually importing and exporting data between them.

An API is an interface that acts as a bridge between the two systems so they can interact seamlessly and update each other with information in real-time.

Benefits of Transferring Card Data via API


APIs connect up systems and workflows so they talk directly to each other and automate card requests, eliminating the need for manual spreadsheets or data exports.

Real-Time Updates

Real-time updates are provided on the status of card requests, allowing for accurate planning and tracking.


The API ensures data is transmitted accurately between systems, reducing the risk of errors due to manual data entry.


Sensitive data is protected during transmission, with encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication.


As your needs grow and change, the API can scale to accommodate increasing volumes of card requests and changes easily.

API Development for Printed Card Projects

API Development for Card Projects

Let’s say you are a membership organisation that has new members signing up every day. Instead of manually exporting each individual’s data on spreadsheets or via email, which can be hard to keep track of and is open to error, an API submits the request for a new card as soon as it’s received.

With an API, there’s no manual work required at all (known as zero touch integration). A card request is made immediately via the API. When the card is fulfilled and sent, we can automatically ‘write’ this information back via the API to update the record on your system.

Use Case: EV Charge Cards Fulfilment

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