API Use Case Example

We work with a number of Membership organisations and EV Charging companies, personalising and fulfilling their cards directly to their members and customers.

Use Case Example: EV Charge Cards (RFID)

Customer Enrolment:
This EV charging provider acquires customer data via an end user App. Their customers must download and register on the app in order to access the company’s charging services.

During the enrolment process, the customer clicks ‘request a card’, which sends the data directly to their CRM platform.

Card Request Received:
When the card request is received by their CRM, it automatically pushes the request into our own system via API – with no delay and no manual intervention. This happens multiple times during each day.

Cards Personalised and Records Updated:
We gather the card requests together and print and personalise the cards to a pre-arranged schedule and mail them directly to the customer.

The chip number on the RFID and the customer card number are captured on our system and automatically ‘written back’ via the API to the EV charging provider’s CRM, with a time stamp of print and shipment.

At any time, the EV charging provider can log-into their dashboard and see real-time status updates of each card, which they can then share with their customers as updates of when to expect their card.

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