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Bamboo Hotel Key Cards, LoCo Magstripe, 50 Pack

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Bamboo Hotel Key Cards with LoCo Magnetic Stripe that works with major hotel keycard systems. Engraved arrow. These Wooden Hotel Key Cards are a simple swap for those looking to boost their sustainability and move away from plastic hotel key cards.

Sizes Available:
86 x 54mm

Manufactured From Bamboo.
LoCo Magnetic Stripe.
Pre-Engraved With Arrow.

Pre-Engraved Bamboo Hotel Key Cards with Magstripe.

Pre-Engraved Bamboo Hotel Key Cards, featuring a LoCo magnetic stripe designed to work with most hotel key card systems.

Pack of 50.

The ultimate sustainable alternative, the Bamboo Hotel Key Cards are an ECO upgrade on standard PVC cards, with a pre-engraved arrow design.

Featuring a LoCo magnetic stripe on the reverse of the card, the Bamboo Hotel Key Cards are perfect for hotels looking to boost their sustainability.

Not sure if these will work with your hotel magstripe locks?

Start a chat with us, we can send you out a card to test.

  • 50 pack of Pre-Engraved Bamboo Hotel Key Cards