CardExchange Producer Enterprise ID Card Software

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CardExchange Producer Enterprise Edition is an easy-to-use software, designed for use with ID card printers. Compatible with all ID printers, the CardExchange Enterprise Edition features smart encoding options, whilst being able to automatically change card layouts based on field values for efficient card printing.
  • Single User License
  • Unlimited Card Sizes
  • Unlimited Card Templates
  • MIFARE® DESFire EV1 Encoding
  • MIFARE® SAM AV2 Encoding
  • ContactCardExchange Plug-in
  • Contactless UltralightExchange Plug-in

CardExchange Producer Enterprise Card Design Software.

CardExchange Producer Enterprise Edition is a card design software that supports the latest technology in contactless encoding including MIFARE® DESFire EV1 and SAM AV2, with a built-in wizard that helps setup the encoding of cards.

CardExchange Enterprise software allows users to automatically change card layouts based on field values, ensuring fast and efficient card printing.

The ultimate desktop solution, the CardExchange Enterprise Card Design Software offers support for Active Directory Read & Write (LDAP) integration.

CardExchange Enterprise ID Card Software is compatible with:

  • CardExchange Enterprise Printer Software