Entrust 569946-101 Cleaning Kit, 5 Pack

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Entrust Cleaning Roller Kit, designed for use with the Entrust Sigma range including DS1, DS2 and DS3 ID Card Printers. Featuring five adhesive rollers, the Entrust Roller Kit easily picks up excess ink, dirt and dust from inside the ID card printer, enhancing print quality and printer durability.
Printer Compatibility

Entrust 569946-101 Cleaning Kit.

Entrust Cleaning Roller Kit, suitable for use with the Entrust Sigma ID Card Printer range.

Designed to remove dirt and dust from within your Entrust Card Printer, the Entrust Roller Kit ensures a high quality print and reduces the likelihood of technical issues.

It is recommended you use a cleaning roller every time you replace the printer ribbon.

Entrust 569946-101 Cleaning Kit works with:

  • Five adhesive cleaning rollers