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Matt or Gloss finish on your printed plastic cards?

Matt or Gloss finish on your printed plastic cards?

One of the questions we'll ask you when you order your printed plastic cards is whether you want a matt or gloss finish.

Which is best for you?

Understanding the difference
As the name implies, gloss gives a high shine finish to your cards. Gloss can give colourful images and text more of a boost and give greater impact. If you turn a gloss card around in the light, you'll see the light and background images reflected in it.

Matt gives a flatter finish without the shine, so you won’t get the same glare.

When to choose Matt
If you’re going for a black background or a dark coloured background, we always recommend going for a matt finish.

This is because a gloss finish easily shows up fingerprints, smudges and scratches. Matt cards don’t – so they look better and last longer.

Use them both for the greatest impact.

Print your card on a matt finish and pick out some of your design of text in spot gloss for real stand out.

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