NTAG 216 RFID Cards, 100 Pack

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Blank NXP NTAG 216 RFID NFC Blank Smart Cards designed for use with access control systems. Operating at 13.56 MHz frequency, the NFC cards have an operating distance of up to 100mm, ensuring rapid access to visitors and employees. NTAG 216 RFID Cards conforms to ISO/14443 standards for contactless chips.
  • All NFC Readers

NTAG 216 Blank Smart Cards.

NXP NTAG 216 RFID Cards manufactured from high quality PVC designed for secure contactless transmissions.

Operating at 13.56 MHz frequency with an operating distance of up to 100mm, the NTAG 216 Smart Cards are the perfect access control solution for conventions, conferences and events to allow for fast and efficient entry.

Coming in a pack of 100, the NTAG 216 cards are designed for heavy usage, with the high quality PVC less prone to bending and scratching.

NXP NTAG 216 Smart Cards are compatible with:

  • All NFC Readers
  • 100 pack of NTAG 216 Blank RFID Cards

Blank Smart Card FAQs

Get answers to common questions about our Blank Smart Card range.

Do you have an ECO RFID card?

Yes, we have an 85% recycled 1K RFID card available in a pack of 100 off-the-shelf. This is compatible with many smart card systems.

Ask us for a sample to test on your system.

When should I consider using a self-adhesive card?

Self-adhesive thin cards are often used with RFID smart cards or any access control card that contains a chip. This is because the chip can be damaged if the card is put through a Direct-to-Card printer.

You print whatever personalisation you want on your cards onto the self-adhesive card, then peel it off and attach it onto your chip card.

Are you a registered MIFARE® partner?


All our MIFARE® products have genuine NXP chips so you can buy with confidence.

Can I print RFID cards on my direct-to-card printer?

The gold standard is to use a retransfer printer for overprinting on your cards to ensure there is no damage to the chip. However you can also run them through a Direct-to-card printer quite successfully as long as you avoid printing on the raised chip area of the card.

We recommend simply setting up your design template to avoid this area for printing altogether.

Do you offer custom printed RFID cards?

Yes, we can custom print smart cards with a range of technology chips, including MIFARE®, MIFARE DESFire®, Salto, Fudan, NTAG and EM4200.

Browse our range or get in touch for more information or a quote.

I use a MIFARE® card at the moment, will a Fudan card work on my system?

Fudan is a compatible technology to MIFARE®, so it’s likely that it will work on your system, however we recommend getting a sample card from us first to test.