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ECO Card Series - Cherry

ECO Card Series - Cherry

Moving on from a European wood in Beech – our ECO card series shifts the focus to the North American, highly sought-after cherry wood.

A deciduous straight-grain hardwood, cherry wood is a desirable wood for both professionals and homeowners due to its durability, flexibility and array of colours and patterns.

Typically, a rich, reddish-brown colour, cherry wood can appear differently dependent on the tree and levels of light exposure - whilst natural cherry wood changes colour over time to produce the beautiful reddish-brown previously mentioned.

Capable of growing up to heights of 100ft, cherry wood can live up to 100 years, but is typically felled after 50 to 90 years due to cherry trees being susceptible to rotting in their trunk.

Why use Cherry for my cards?
✅ Produces a stunning reddish-brown appearance
✅ Smooth, closed grain pattern that allows for stunning custom engraving
✅ Extremely durable wood that is very resistant to rot and decay
✅ Strong hardwood that is versatile making perfect bar tab cards, cloakroom tags or key cards
✅ Highly sustainable with cherry wood the 4th most harvested lumber in the USA

Stunning cherry wood cards appeal to your project? Ask us for a sample or receive a quote – get in touch with a friendly card expert at or give us a call on 01244 526009.

A common wood to be used for furniture, cabinets and flooring, cherry wood is extremely versatile, making it a superb alternative to standard plastic cards.

Featuring a smooth, natural texture, cherry wood colour and grains vary dependent on the tree, giving each engraved card a completely individual branding, standing out to customers.

A highly sought-after hardwood, cherry wood is perfect for ID cards, membership cards, hotel key cards, cloakroom tags and more, providing the most colour-rich eco-friendly option within our range, giving customers a positive experience with your brand.

Our eco-friendly card range includes three other types of sustainable wood including beech, birch and black walnut, whilst also featuring the highly sustainable bamboo – view the full range here.

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