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ECO Card Series - Beech

ECO Card Series - Beech

Our ECO card series rattles along to the wood known as the “Mother of the Forest” – Beech wood, a European straight grained hardwood that produces fascinating looking cards.

Beech wood is a dense heavy wood that is a mainstay of European woodworkers due to both its hardness and strength, combined with its low cost.

Given the optimum soil conditions, beech wood can grow to extremely large sizes, as tall as 130ft with a 3 to 5ft trunk diameter, with beech forests scattered around Europe to make it a highly sustainable option.

Often used for furniture, beech wood is regarded as the “Mother of the Forest” as its presence aides the survival of many other hardwood trees, whilst the powerful roots of a beech tree penetrates deep into the ground, helping to anchor and protect the forest during storms and floods.

Why use Beech for my cards?
✅ Impressive strength and bending capabilities ensure a durable option
✅ A pale straw colour provides an excellent platform for custom branding prints
✅ Highly sustainable wood option with beech wood extremely common throughout Europe
✅ Shade of wood is maintained and will not fade
✅ Beech wood is in the lowest-risk endangerment category

Durable beech wood cards sound like they’d suit your project? Ask us for a sample or receive a quote – get in touch with a friendly card expert at or give us a call on 01244 526009.

With the essential characteristics of beech wood being its strength and hardness, the European hardwood is an excellent alternative to standard plastic cards.

Featuring a smooth-grained, uniform texture, the beech wood cards present an attractive platform for custom printing due to its light straw colour, helping custom branding stand out to consumers.

A suitable hardwood for ID cards, membership cards, hotel key cards, cloakroom tags and more, the beech wood offering amongst the eco-range presents a high strength option that aides custom prints appearance, leaving a long-lasting impression to consumers of your branding.

Our eco-friendly card range includes three other types of sustainable wood including birch, cherry and black walnut, whilst also featuring the highly sustainable bamboo – view the full range here.

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