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ECO Card Series - Black Walnut

ECO Card Series - Black Walnut

Rounding off our ECO card series is the darkest option of our eco range – the stunning black walnut, strain grain hardwood that is highly sought after for furniture and joinery.

Originating from North America, the highly pigmented black walnut is an attractive coloured hardwood that is often compared to mahogany.

Growing in small groups in mixture with other hardwoods, black walnut trees often grow to 100 to 120 foot in height and up to 30 or 40 inches in diameter.

Ranking alongside the most durable woods, black walnut is a resistant hardwood that provides an outstanding eco-friendly first impression due to its stunning dark appearance.

Why use Black Walnut for my cards?

✅ Rich dark colour provides beautiful looking cards
✅ Straight grain heartwood is a superb custom printing base for branding
✅ Positive eco-friendly first impression due to the darkness of the card
✅ Prized by woodworks for its strength and colour
✅ Highly sustainable wood option with growth in Europe and North America

Black walnut cards sound as if they are suitable for your project, and you’d like to see a sample or receive a quote? Get in touch with a friendly card expert by email at or give us a call on 01244 526009.

Black Walnut cards are a stunning alternative to traditional plastic cards, whilst ensuring durability and strength remains at the forefront of the card’s benefits.

Rated very durable to decay resistance, black walnut is a medium density wood that is low in stiffness, whilst creating a unique platform for custom printed designs.

Ideal for use for ID cards, membership cards, hotel key cards, cloakroom tags and more, the black walnut hardwood is the richest option of our eco-range, producing a dark eco-friendly card suitable for any industry.

Our eco-friendly card range includes three other types of sustainable wood including birch, beech and cherry, whilst also featuring the highly sustainable bamboo – view the full range here.

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