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ECO Card Series - Birch

ECO Card Series - Birch

We’ve done a lot of time talking about bamboo in our eco-range so it’s time to share the load – shifting our focus to the highly durable birch wood cards.

Birch is a widely used sustainable wood that is native to North America, commonly known as yellow birch due to its light colour and smooth grains.

During the 1960s and 1970s, birch wood was frequently used in home furnishings, fast forward to recent years and birch wood often finds itself used for utilitarian purposes such as crates and plywood.

Birch trees are highly sustainable, especially due to their multi-use, as the tree produces a sap that can be made into a syrup, whilst the bark is used as kindling.

Why use Birch for my cards?
✅ Reduces businesses environmental impact
✅ Incredibly durable type of wood providing a long-lasting card
✅ Custom branding is highlighted beautifully on the light birch wood colour
✅ Easily identifiable wooden card promoting a positive initial customer response
✅ Yellow birch trees are in the lowest-risk endangerment category

If Birch wood cards look like they’d promote your branding best and you would like to see a sample or receive a quote – get in touch with a friendly card expert at or give us a call on 01244 526009.

Birch wood provides a highly sustainable alternative to a standard plastic card, whilst not sacrificing on durability.

With a good resistance to decay, yellow birch wood is a stiff, close-grained hardwood that is guaranteed to last, whilst presenting an attractive straight wood grain pattern for custom branding to be printed on.

Perfect to be used for ID cards, membership cards, hotel key cards, cloakroom tags and more, our birch offering amongst the eco-range is one of the most durable options with a distinctive light colour to really enhance custom colour prints.

Our eco-friendly card range includes three other types of sustainable wood including beech, cherry and black walnut, whilst also featuring the highly sustainable bamboo - view the full range here.

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