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Benefits of using a Price Tag Printer for your food displays

Benefits of using a Price Tag Printer for your food displays

Thinking about investing in a Price Tag Printer for your specialist food shop, buffet or produce display?

We look at the reasons you should ditch the handwritten paper signs in favour of a more professional label solution using PVC cards.

Create a professional image and inspire customer trust
If you’ve invested a great deal on your branding and on the décor inside your store or shop, don’t let it down by labelling your products badly.

Using price tag labels means you’ll be consistent in how you label your entire store or buffet, which conveys a professional image to your customers and guests.

A well thought-out and consistent approach to labelling your produce inspires customer confidence, and quite simply, looks attractive.

The chalkboard font used on the cards also gives a handmade and authentic feel to your products.

The cards are durable and wipe clean
Paper, cardboard or laminated paper quickly looks tatty and can become unhygienic.

The PVC cards are long-lasting and can be wiped clean and sanitised.

Clearly display allergen information
Clearly listing allergen information on your price tags using your price tag printer gives your customers assurances about what they are buying, without needing to check in with store staff.

They also eliminate the risk of a member of staff giving the wrong information on a product, which could have serious repercussions for customers with serious food allergies.

Make changes and create new labels on demand
If you’re adding a new product into your range or you find that the allergen ingredients have changed, you can quickly update your food labels by printing out a new price tag in around 15 seconds. This is particularly helpful for buffet settings where dishes can change regularly.

According to Edikio, one of the most popular price tag printers on the market, 85% of hotel guests prefer labels for each dish rather than a general buffet display. 

Print food labels with the reassurance that they are food safe
The price tag cards and ribbons we sell are designed especially for the food trade. ISEGA Food Standard Compliant.

Maximise your investment by printing other types of cards
Your price tag printer isn’t just good for printing food labels. Make the most of your investment by also using it to print other cards, such as membership or loyalty cards, staff ID badges or one-off discount cards.

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