Recycled PET Visitor Lanyards, 25 Pack

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Color: Black
Visitor Lanyards featuring a plastic hook and safety breakaway for attaching to card holders. Coming in a pack of 25 in four standard colours, the pre-printed Visitor Lanyards are perfect for organisations to easily identify visitors on the premises.
Color: Black

Pre-Printed Visitor Lanyards.

Pre-Printed Visitor Lanyards manufactured from rPET material, helping to identify visitors safely and sustainably.

Available in four standard colours, the Visitor Lanyards feature a safety breakaway and plastic hook, adding a touch of professionalism to your visitors.

Coming in a pack of 25, the Pre-Printed Visitor Lanyards are 80cm long and 15mm wide, providing the ideal solution on-site identification of visitors.

  • 25 pack of rPET Pre-Printed Visitor Lanyards