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Transparent Gloss Labels, 16 Labels

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Clear Gloss Labels designed for affixing to name badges for conferences, conventions and events. Available as a single A4 sheet of 16 labels, the 80mm x 30mm labels can be printed on using a laser printer or written on with pen or permanent marker to help sustainably produce name badges.

Transparent Gloss Labels for Name Badges.

Transparent Gloss Labels are the ultimate sustainable solution to events, presenting an easy way of badging attendees on the day.

A single A4 sheet with 16 labels, the Transparent Gloss Labels can be printed on with a laser printer, or written on with a pen to then attach to an event pass.

Often paired with our Wooden Name Badges, the Transparent Labels simply peel off the card after an event, leaving the card suitable for reuse at the next event.

  • A4 Sheet of Transparent Gloss Labels