Progeny 3805-10 Proximity Keyfobs, 10 Pack

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Progeny Crystal Proximity Fobs, designed for use with Dark Crystal and Keypad readers. Coming as a pack of 10, the Progeny Keyfobs are ideal for keeping RFID credentials on a keyring, with a unique credential printed on each fob for secure and convenient access control.
  • Progeny Dark Crystal RFID Readers

Progeny RFID Keyfobs.

Progeny Crystal Fobs designed to work with Progeny Dark Crystal RFID readers.

Featuring UID credentials that are numbered identically to the printed number on the card or fob, the Progeny Fobs are fully compatible with the P4 controller range.

Perfect for when photo identification is not required, the Progeny 3805-10 Keyfobs attach simply to key rings for an efficient solution to access control.

Progeny RFID Keyfobs are compatible with:

  • Progeny Dark Crystal RFID Readers
  • 10 pack of Progeny Proximity Keyfobs