Pointman 89150500 Cleaning Kit

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Pointman Printer Cleaning Kit, suitable for use with the Pointman Nuvia range including Nuvia N10, Nuvia N15 and Nuvia N25 ID Card Printers. Featuring two T-shape cleaning cards, two regular cleaning cards, and three alcohol swabs, the Pointman 89150500 Kit ensures enhanced print quality and durability.
Printer Compatibility

Pointman Standard Cleaning Kit.

Pointman 89150500 Standard Cleaning Kit, for use with the Pointman Nuvia range including N10, N15 and N25 ID Card Printers.

Featuring two standard size cleaning cards, two T-shaped cleaning cards, and three single use alcohol swabs, the Pointman Printer Cleaning Kit removes dirt and debris from your ID card printer to maintain printer performance.

It is recommended you use a cleaning kit every time you replace the printer ribbon.

  • Two standard size cleaning cards
  • Two T-shaped cleaning cards
  • Three single use alcohol swabs