PAC 20205 Proximity Tokens Without Clip, 10 Pack

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PAC 20205 Proximity Tokens designed to be pre-configured with an individual identity code to work with PAC readers. Using PAC's 153KHz proximity technology, these Black Prox Tokens feature a no battery design, allowing an infinite number of reads for secure access control.
  • PAC Readers
  • OneProx Readers

PAC Proximity Tokens.

PAC Proximity Tokens are a high quality access control alternative, for use when photo identification is not required.

Using PAC 153KHz proximity technology, the PAC Prox Tokens feature a no-battery design, allowing for an infinite number of reads.

Pre-configured with a unique identify code to each token, the PAC Proximity Tokens are available as a pack of 10.

PAC Proximity Tokens are compatible with:

  • PAC Readers
  • OneProx Readers
  • 10 pack of PAC Proximity Tokens