MIFARE Classic® 4K RFID Cards, 100 Pack

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Blank MIFARE Classic® 4K Smart Cards with Genuine NXP chips, designed for use with access control systems. Featuring a 13.56 MHz operating frequency, the Blank MIFARE RFID Cards can be customised with an ID card printer, making for excellent ID cards, name badges and visitor passes.
  • NFC Access Control Readers

MIFARE Classic® 4K Cards.

Blank MIFARE Classic® 4K Cards are an access control card, suitable for photo identification, public transport, membership cards, visitor passes and more.

Featuring genuine NXP chips, the MIFARE Classic® 4K card operates at 13.56 MHz frequency and contains a 4-byte UID number with 4K byte of memory.

Suitable for use with an ID card printer, users can customise their blank MIFARE Classic® Cards to create highly secure, branded access control cards.

MIFARE Classic® 4K Cards are compatible with:

  • NFC Access Control Systems
  • 100 pack of MIFARE Classic® 4K RFID Cards


Get answers to common questions about the MIFARE® range.

Can you send me a sample MIFARE® card so I can check it works on my system?

Yes, no problem. Just get in touch and we will happily send you out a card to test.

Are you a registered MIFARE® Partner?

Yes. We only sell genuine MIFARE® cards, so you can buy with confidence.

You can find our details on the MIFARE® website.

I use a MIFARE® card at the moment, will a Fudan card work on my system?

Fudan is a compatible technology to MIFARE®, so it’s likely that it will work on your system, however we recommend getting a sample card from us first to test.

Can you custom print MIFARE® cards?

Yes, we can custom print your MIFARE® cards to any requirement. Just get in touch for more information or a quote.

Do you offer an ECO version?

Yes. Our ECOCARD85 is a Fudan 1K RFID card that is made from 85% recycled PVC. It is compatible with many systems that use 1K cards on 13.56 MHz frequency, including MIFARE®.

Ask us for a sample card to test.

Can you print MIFARE® cards on an ID Card Printer?

All our blank RFID cards can be personalised using an ID Card Printer.

We recommend a retransfer printer to ensure there is no damage to the chip, however it is also possible to run them through a direct-to-card printer if you avoid printing on the raised chip area of the card.

Do you offer a more sustainable RFID Keyfob?

Yes. We now offer Wood RFID 1K Keyfobs that have a Fudan chip, which is compatible with MIFARE®.