Javelin 61123511 YMCKOK Colour Ribbon, 165 Prints

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Javelin YMCKOK Colour Ribbon, designed for use with Javelin J200i, J230i and Javelin DNA ID Card Printers. Capable of printing up to 165 cards, the Javelin YMCKOK Ribbon is ideal for dual-sided printing with two black resin panels, whilst the clear overlay panel gives cards a protective layer against daily wear and tear.
Printer Compatibility

Javelin YMCKOK Colour Printer Ribbon.

Javelin YMCKOK Full Colour Printer Ribbon, designed for use with a wide range of Javelin ID Card Printers including the DNA and DNA PRO.

Featuring four high quality colour panels, the Javelin YMCKOK Ribbon prints vibrant, colour-rich membership cards, event badges, visitor passes and more.

The Javelin 61123501 Ribbon also contains two black resin panels, enabling double-sided printing of text, line art and barcodes.

Javelin 61123511 works with:

  • Javelin YMCKOK Colour Printer Ribbon

Card Printer Ribbons Common FAQs

Get answers to common questions about ID Card Printer Ribbons.

What do the letters mean on a printer ribbon?

Card Printer Ribbons are made up of panels of colour and each panel is represented by a letter. These mean:

Y = Yellow
M = Magenta
C = Cyan
K = Black
O = Clear protective overlay that adds a thin layer of protection onto your cards.

Plastic card printers mix all of the YMC and K panels together to create all colours in the spectrum.

Most printer ribbons are YMCKO as this suits most people’s printing needs.

I’m printing in black only, do I need a YMCKO ribbon?

No. If you’re only printing in black onto your cards (for example text only or barcode) it is far cheaper to print using a black-only ribbon.

This has one panel and represents considerable cost savings when compared to a full colour ribbon.

When should I choose a YMCKOK ribbon over a YMCKO?

If you have a double-sided printer and are printing full colour on the front of your cards and black-only on the reverse, it is much cheaper to do so using a YMCKOK ribbon.

The extra ‘K’ on the end of the code stands for an extra black panel that prints on the reverse of the card at the same time as full colour prints onto the front.

Will a YMCKOK ribbon work on a single sided card printer?

No, it will only work in a double-sided card printer.

The extra ‘K’ on the end of the code stands for an extra black panel that prints on the reverse of the card at the same time as full colour prints onto the front.

Should I clean my card printer when I change the ribbon?

ID Card Printer manufacturers recommend you run a cleaning cycle every time you change the ribbon in order to keep the printer running smoothly, and then do a deep clean once in a while.

Most ribbons come with a cleaning roller in the box.

Why should I shred my printer ribbon after use?

If you’re using a Direct to Card printer (which the majority of printers on the market are), the ribbon retains an imprint of the data on the card after printing.

So, if you’re printing an ID card with a photograph for example, all of this data will be left behind on the ribbon afterwards. That’s why it’s really important to shred your printer ribbon securely when you replace it with a new one for data protection.

Will any of these ribbons work with my printer?

No. It’s really important you check the compatibility of each printer ribbon to check it will work with your specific model.

Don’t assume that a Magicard ribbon will work in all Magicard printers for example, it will be designed to work in a specific printer model only.

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