HID 1336 DuoProx II® Proximity Cards, Mag Stripe, 100 Pack

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HID 1336 DuoProx II® Open Format Smart Cards are custom programmed proximity cards made to your systems requirements. Featuring a HiCo (4000 OE) magnetic stripe, the HID DuoProx® Cards can be personalised with an ID card printer to make ID cards, name badges, visitor passes and more.

Operating Frequency:
125 kHz

1 Year


HID DuoProx II® Proximity Cards.

HID DuoProx II® Proximity Cards are a custom programmed technology card that offers proximity, magnetic stripe and photo identification technologies all on one card.

A standard CR80 credit card size, the HID DuoProx II® Proximity Cards offer passive, no-battery design that allows for an infinite number of reads.

Programmed to order, purchase the HID DuoProx II® Proximity Cards regularly and we'll be in touch to understand your requirements and gather the details to generate full part number and programming details.

Card Construction:

Data Retention:
10 Years

Operating Frequency:
125 kHz

Memory Type:
EEPROM, Read/Write

2.12in x 3.37in x 0.03in


Operates With:
iCLASS® Readers

1 Year

  • 100 pack of custom programmed HID DuoProx II® Proximity Cards

HID Common FAQs

Get answers to common questions about the HID range.

Are all HID products custom programmed?

Yes. We will need your specific system programming information in order to complete your order and provide the correct cards, fobs, or reader.

What information do I need to provide?
What is the ordering process?

Simply select the quantity you require and check out as normal. As soon as we receive your order we’ll be in touch to gather the necessary details from you to generate the full part number and programming details.

I don’t know my programming details, what should I do?

If you have an existing box of cards or fobs, or still have the box for your reader, have a look for a label on the side or the back. This will contain a series of numbers and letters. It may be easier to take a photograph of the label and send us this.

If you don’t have a box, look to see if there’s any information on the reader on the wall.

Failing that, you can send us one of your existing cards and we can forward this onto HID for confirmation of your programming details.

Can I print on my HID cards using my own card printer?

All blank access cards can be personalised using an ID Card Printer.

We recommend a retransfer printer to ensure there is no damage to the chip, however it is also possible to run them through a direct-to-card printer if you avoid printing on the raised chip area of the card.