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Gentech Paxton Net2 & Paxton10 Compatible Keyfobs, 10 Pack

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Gentech Paxton Net2 Compatible Keyfobs, designed as a direct replacement for Paxton Net2 695-644 and Paxton10 010-170 Keyfobs. Featuring a blue plastic casing, the Paxton Net2 Keyfobs are suitable for use with Paxton Net2 readers manufactured from 2015 onwards and Switch10 readers.
  • Paxton Net2 Readers
  • Paxton10 Readers

Paxton Net2 & Paxton10 Compatible Proximity Fobs.

Gentech Proximity Fobs, compatible with Paxton Net2 695-644 Keyfobs and Paxton10 010-170 Keyfobs.

A 125kHz compatible, the Gentech Keyfobs are suitable for use with all Paxton Net2 readers manufactured after 2015 and Paxton10 readers.

Featuring a fully sealed ABS case and stainless steel sprung key-rings, the Gentech Paxton Net2 and Paxton10 compatible offers excellent cost savings.

Disclaimer: No relationship, trading collaboration or other relationship exists with any third-party named and their brand or company name is only used where necessary for compatibility and equipment purposes.

Gentech Proximity Fobs are compatible with:

  • Paxton Net2 Readers
  • 10 pack of Gentech Paxton 695-644 Compatible Keyfobs