Fudan 4K RFID Cards, 100 Pack

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Blank Fudan 4K Smart Cards designed for use with access control systems. Suitable for overprinting with an ID card printer, the Fudan RFID Cards feature a waterproof and dustproof layer for added durability. A standard CR80 credit card size, the Fudan Smart Cards are supplied in a pack of 100.
  • Fudan Access Control Systems

Blank Fudan 4K Proximity Cards.

Blank Fudan 4K RFID Cards are a high quality, credit card size access control card, perfect for overprinting with an ID card printer.

Featuring a waterproof and dustproof layer, the Fudan RFID Cards operate at 13.56 MHz frequency with a 4K byte of memory.

Available as a pack of 100, the Fudan RFID Cards can be customised with an ID printer to create branded photo ID cards, membership cards, visitor passes and more.

Fudan 4K RFID Cards are compatible with:

  • Fudan Access Control Systems
  • 100 pack of Blank Fudan 4K Cards

Fudan Common FAQs

Get answers to common questions about the Fudan range.

Can you send me a sample Fudan card so I can check it works on my system?

Yes, no problem. Just get in touch and we will happily send you out a card to test.

I use a MIFARE® card at the moment, will a Fudan card work on my system?

Fudan is a compatible technology to MIFARE®, so it’s likely that it will work on your system, however we recommend getting a sample card from us first to test.

Why would I choose a Fudan card?

Fudan cards can deliver considerable cost savings when compared to other brands, however it’s important to consider the features of both before making a decision.

Can you custom print Fudan cards?

Yes, we can custom print your Fudan cards to any requirement.

Just get in touch for more information or a quote.

Do you offer an ECO version?

Yes. Our ECOCARD85 is a Fudan 1K RFID card that is made from 85% recycled PVC.

It is compatible with many systems that use 1K cards on 13.56 MHz frequency.

Ask us for a sample card to test.

Can you print Fudan cards on an ID Card Printer?

Yes. All our blank RFID cards can be personalised using an ID Card Printer.

We recommend a retransfer printer to ensure there is no damage to the chip, however you can also run them through a direct-to-card printer if you avoid printing on the raised chip area of the card.

Do you offer sustainable RFID Keyfobs?

Yes. We now offer Wood RFID 1K Keyfobs that have a Fudan chip.