Fudan Cards, Custom Printed

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Technology: Fudan 1K
Material: PVC
Quantity: 100
Custom printed Fudan Cards. A low cost RFID card compatible with most systems, including MIFARE® and ideal for access control, transport and ticketing applications. Ask us for a sample to test.

Available at an Extra Cost:

  • Barcode & QR Codes
  • Magnetic Stripe & Signature Panel
  • Spot Varnish

Sizes Available:
86 x 54mm

760 Microns Credit Card Thickness.
Full Colour Double-Sided Print.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround times are dependent on the card material chosen.

10 Working Days

Biodegradable PVC:
10-12 Working Days

85% Recycled PVC:
3-4 Weeks

All turnaround times are from sign-off of artwork, not order date.

Technology: Fudan 1K
Material: PVC
Quantity: 100
Product information

If you’re setting your own complete Artwork, please follow this Guide.

You can either upload this at the time of ordering or email it to us afterwards.

We’ll always send you a proof to sign-off before printing your cards.

Need help with your artwork?
We offer an art working service for £25. Add it to your basket and we’ll be in touch when your order comes through.

To help you prepare, we will need:

  • A high-resolution file of your logo (ideally an EPS) and any other design assets.
  • A note of the colour(s) you want to use (Pantone or CMYK breakdowns) or a graphic to match to.
  • A note of the font you want to use. If it’s a non-standard font, we’ll need a copy of this too.

Want to see some samples?

No problem, fill in our Samples Request Form and we’ll get some out in the post to you.

Quantity discounts are available.

Fill in our Request a Quote Form and we’ll get back to you with a custom price.

Custom Fudan Smart Cards.

Custom printed on both sides. A lower cost RFID card compatible with many technologies including MIFARE®. Prices from 100 cards.

Contactless RFID cards using Fudan technology, commonly used in access control, transport, ticketing and cashless vending.

Fudan cards are compatible with many standard technologies.

We recommend getting a sample from us to test on your system first. Fudan cards can provide considerable cost savings when compared with other brands.

Sustainable materials available

Talk to us about our recycled and Wood options. Please note that if you are choosing Biodegradable or 100% Recycled PVC that this applies to the PVC element of the card only. The chip itself is not recycled or recyclable.

Prices quoted are for full colour print on both sides of the card.

The chips are supplied unencoded, however we can encode a sequential number if required, please ask us for details.

Fully customisable with a range of features available. Choose to include QR codes, barcodes or personalise with names and data.

The following is included within the quoted price:

Full Colour Print on both sides.

The following options and features are available at an extra cost. Please contact us for a bespoke quote.

Print individual names, numbers, Barcodes or QR codes on each card.

Design Change.
Choose to change your design mid-run. E.g. split your 200 card order into 100 cards with one branding, 100 with another.

Spot Varnish.
Pick out part of your design in spot varnish.

Signature Panel.
Available on either side.

HiCo or LoCo magstripe available, encoded or unencoded.

Features Explained

RFID Cards Printing Options

Choose to include various features and finishes on your cards.

Extra costs may apply, please contact us for a custom quote.

ECO Options

Biodegradable PVC, Recycled PVC and Wood options.


Personalise each card with names, numbers or individual details.

QR Codes

Include the same QR code on all, or a bespoke code on each.


Often used with access, cashless vending and loyalty systems.

Spot Varnish

Pick out design elements in spot gloss varnish.

Signature Panel

Include a white signature panel for writing on.


HiCo or LoCo magstripe, encoded or unencoded.


Various RFID technology chips available.

Custom RFID Common FAQs

Read our FAQs for questions about our Custom RFID Cards.

Can you send me a sample RFID card to test on my system before I order?

Yes, we always recommend testing one of our cards on your system to double check they work as you’d expect before ordering.

Please contact us and we’ll send one out to you.

Do you offer more sustainable options to virgin plastic?

Yes. We now offer Wood and Bamboo RFID Cards, plus Biodegradable and Recycled Plastic options.

Please contact us for more information or view our ECO-Friendly RFID Range.

Are you a registered MIFARE® partner?

Yes. We are a registered MIFARE® partner.

You can check our credentials here.

All our MIFARE® products have genuine NXP chips so you can buy with confidence.

I use a MIFARE® card currently, will a Fudan card work on my system?

Fudan is a compatible technology to MIFARE®, so it’s likely that it will work on your system, however we recommend getting a sample card from us first to test.

Do your RFID Key Cards work with Ving, Onity, Salto or Dormakaba?

Yes, we provide custom programmed key cards for all hotel key card systems, in both plastic and wood.

We will always send you a sample to test first, to ensure they work on your specific system before ordering.

Do you offer a more sustainable RFID Keyfob?

Yes. We offer Wood RFID 1K Keyfobs that have a Fudan chip, which is compatible with MIFARE®.

We can also customise these to your requirements.

Is a matt or gloss finish better?

It depends on what you want your cards to do and long you expect them to be in use, but there are definitely times when we would recommend matt over gloss due to the fact that it doesn’t show up scratches or smudges as easily.

Can I include a number range on my cards?

Yes. You can add number ranges, individual names and personalised details onto each individual card.

We refer to this as variable data as it changes on each card.

There is a small additional cost for this on top of the card price.

I’m not sure what features I need on my cards, can you help?

If you’re unsure about whether you need to add extra features like barcodes, embossed numbers or spot varnish, give one of our friendly team a call.

We’ll run through your requirements to make sure you aren’t paying for extra features you don’t need.