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Evolis ACL003 Cleaning Cards, 50 Pack

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Evolis Adhesive Cleaning Cards, suitable for a range of Evolis printers including the Badgy200, Primacy, Primacy 2 and Zenius ID Card Printers. Featuring 50 adhesive cards and one cleaning roller, the Evolis ACL003 Cards remove dust, debris and ink residue to improve print quality and printer durability.
Printer Compatibility

Evolis ACL003 Cleaning Cards.

Evolis Adhesive Cleaning Cards, suitable for use with a range of Evolis ID Card Printers including the Primacy, Primacy 2 and Zenius.

Featuring 50 cleaning cards and a roller, the Evolis ACL003 Kit is designed to remove dust, debris, oils and ink residue that impact on print quality if left untreated.

It is recommended you use a cleaning kit every time you replace the printer ribbon.

Evolis ACL003 Cleaning Cards works with:

  • 50 adhesive cleaning cards
  • One cleaning roller