Fudan 1K RFID Keyfobs, Custom Printed

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Printed UID: Yes
Color: Black
Quantity: 100
Branded Fudan 1K RFID Keyfobs, custom printed to your own design and branding requirements. Supplied unencoded, the Fudan 1K Keyfobs can include various encoding and personalisation, such as a printed chip number.

Size Available:
40 x 32mm

Keyfob Colour:
Black or Blue

Full Colour Print Onto Middle of Fob.

Turnaround Time

Standard turnaround time is 4 weeks from sign-off of artwork, not order date.

Printed UID: Yes
Color: Black
Quantity: 100

Custom Printed Fudan Keyfobs, 1K RFID.

Branded Fudan Keyfobs on 13.56 mHz frequency, custom printed to your own design requirements. Prices from 100 fobs.

Compact and hard wearing moulded key tags.

Contactless RFID fobs using Fudan technology, commonly used in access control, transport, ticketing and cashless vending.

Fudan fobs are compatible with many standard technologies.

Prices quoted are for full colour print on both sides of the card.

Choose from a blue or black fob within the price. Other colours are available, please ask us for a custom quote.

The keyfobs are supplied unencoded, however various programming and personalisation options are available. You can also choose to print the UID number on the fob if required.

Not sure if Fudan RFID Fobs will work with your system?
We recommend getting a sample from us to test on your system first.

Fudan fobs can provide considerable cost savings when compared with other brands.

The following is included within the quoted price:

Full Colour Printed.
Dome in the centre of the keyfob.

Blue or Black Fob.

The following options and features are available at an extra cost. Please contact us for a bespoke quote.

Printed UID Number.
You can select this option when ordering.

Different Fob Colours.
Other colours are available, please contact us.

Encoding and Personalisation.
Bespoke encoding is available.

Custom RFID Fobs FAQs

Get answers to common questions about our Custom RFID Fobs.

Can you send me a sample RFID fob to test on my system before I order?

Yes, we always recommend testing one of our fobs on your system to double check they work as you’d expect before ordering.

Please contact us and we’ll send one out to you.

Do you offer more sustainable options to virgin plastic?

Yes. We now offer Wood Keyfobs, both off-the-shelf and branded.

I use a MIFARE® fob currently, will a Fudan card work on my system?

Fudan is a compatible technology to MIFARE®, so it’s likely that it will work on your system, however we recommend getting a sample card from us first to test.

Do you offer a more sustainable RFID Keyfob?

Yes. We offer Wood RFID 1K Keyfobs that have a Fudan chip.

We can also customise these to your requirements.