CLOAKIES®, Pre-Printed, 100 Pairs

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Style: Hanger
Pre-Printed CLOAKIES® featuring a pre-printed design, an ideal way to professionally manage your customers and your cloakrooms. Printed on a matt black base, the CLOAKIES® are half the size of a regular credit card, each with a 10mm punched hole, helping to keep cloakrooms organised and tidy.

Sizes Available:
43 x 54mm

680 Micron Thickness.
Full Colour Double-Sided Print.
Pre-Printed Text & Numbering.

Style: Hanger

Pre-Printed CLOAKIES®.

Pre-Printed CLOAKIES® featuring a hanger or simple text design, perfect for clubs, hotels and restaurants.

Manufactured from a durable PVC, the Pre-Printed CLOAKIES® are half the size of a regular credit card, offering an excellent alternative to paper tickets.

Finished in a matt black, the CLOAKIES® include a clear pre-printed orange design.

  • 100 pairs of Pre-Printed CLOAKIES®