Vanderbilt/Cotag IB981 Passive Keyfobs, 10 Pack

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Vanderbilt Passive Key Tags designed for use with Bewator, Cotag and Granta access control systems. A factory encoded key tag that does not include a battery, the Vanderbilt tags operate at 125 kHz frequency and feature a card number printed on the rear of the fob.
  • Vanderbilt Bewator Access Control Systems
  • Granta Access Control Systems

Vanderbilt IB981 Passive Keyfobs.

Cotag IB981 is a factory-encoded passive key tag that can be used with Cotag readers, featuring a read range of up to 29cm with hands-free readers, and 2cm to 9cm with proximity readers.

Operating at a 125kHz frequency, the Vanderbilt Passive Keyrings include a printed number on the rear for easy identification.

Coming in a pack of ten, the Vanderbilt IB981 offer excellent hands-free access control.

Cotag IB981 Passive Keyfobs are compatible with:

  • Siemens Access Control Systems
  • Granta Access Control Systems
  • 10 pack of Bewator IB981 Passive Keyfobs