Antimicrobial Staff Lanyards, 25 Pack

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Antimicrobial Staff Lanyards with a plastic hook, designed to help prevent the spread of bacterial contamination and maintain a safe workplace. The 16mm Blue Lanyards are perfect for education and healthcare, whilst featuring pre-printed staff text for easy identification.

Blue Antimicrobial Staff Lanyards.

Antimicrobial Lanyards featuring pre-printed Staff text along one side of the lanyard, helping to protect staff from germs and bacteria.

Containing non-particle coated fibres designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria, the Antimicrobial Staff Lanyards are 90cm in length and 16mm in width, providing an excellent option for your employees.

Available as a pack of 25, the Antimicrobial Staff Lanyards feature a safety breakaway and clip, helping to present printed cards safely.

  • 25 pack of Blue Antimicrobial Staff Lanyards