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ACTpro MIFARE Classic® Fob-B Keyfobs, 10 Pack

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ACTpro MIFARE Classic® Fob-B Proximity Keyfobs, designed for access control systems. These robust ACTpro proximity fobs are perfect for creating a secure door entry system and easily attach to keyrings. Not suitable for printing, the MIFARE Classic® keyfobs feature a no-battery design.
  • ACTpro Access Control Systems

ACTpro MIFARE Classic® Keyfobs.

ACTpro MIFARE Classic® Keyfobs are an excellent access control alternative when photo identification is not required.

A durable, robust RFID keyfob, the ACTpro Fobs are perfect for affixing to a keyring for safe and convenient access control.

Available in a pack of 10, the ACTpro MIFARE Classic® Keyfobs are not suitable for printing.

ACTpro MIFARE Classic® Keyfobs are compatible with:

  • ACTpro Access Control Systems
  • 10 pack of ACTpro MIFARE Classic® Keyfobs