Membership Cards Artwork Guide

Artwork Guide for our Printed Membership Cards. Follow this guide to set your own artwork. Contains size specifications and data requirements. Or send us your logo and design details and we can set your artwork for you for a small extra cost.

Membership Cards Artwork Guide

If you’re setting your own complete Artwork, please follow an artwork guide.

For a credit card sized membership card, you'll want to use this guide.

For a card and tag membership card, you'll need this guide.

You can either upload this at the time of ordering or email it to us afterwards.

We’ll always send you a proof to sign-off before printing your cards.

Need help with your artwork?
We offer an art working service for £25. Add it to your basket and we’ll be in touch when your order comes through.

To help you prepare, we will need:

  • A high-resolution file of your logo (ideally an EPS) and any other design assets.
  • A note of the colour(s) you want to use (Pantone or CMYK breakdowns) or a graphic to match to.
  • A note of the font you want to use. If it’s a non-standard font, we’ll need a copy of this too.