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Some simple swaps to be more sustainable

Some simple swaps to be more sustainable

Looking to be more sustainable as a business?

You're not alone. Many organisations have put sustainability right at the top of the agenda for this new year as they are being increasingly challenged on their environmental footprint.

The challenge comes from customers, employers and share holders alike and continues to be one of the topics most talked about. A recent survey according to Forbes shows that 88% of consumers want businesses to help them make a difference to sustainability. 

But the reality is, some changes take longer and cost more to make than others.
We look at some simple swaps you can make now to improve your environmental footprint, without blowing your budget.

Print your own ID Cards or Membership Cards? Switch to 100% recycled blank cards
A hassle-free swap for your ID cards is switching from printing on regular plastic cards to recycled plastic cards.

This has to be a no-brainer for your business as the quality of the recycled plastic cards is similar to regular plastic, meaning no drop-off in print quality or durability.

The recycled plastic cards are suitable for use with all major brands of ID card printers, making them suitable for every user.

Make the switch and start printing on 100% recycled plastic cards.

Move your Membership Cards, Event Name Badges or Cloakroom Tags to Wood or Recycled Plastic
Whether it’s for your employees, members or customers, you can get wooden or recycled plastic cards printed to any design to suit your requirements.

Suitable for your all types of businesses, hotels, events, venues, if you’ve got a card with your branding on, make it stand for something and make it stand out. 

Eco-friendly cards make an immediate visual statement about your organisation's commitment to sustainability and provide a real talking point.

Swap your plastic access key fobs to wood
If your office or venue uses plastic access fobs to enter the building, like MIFARE® fobs or Fudan fobs, you can swap from hard plastic fobs to wood.

Our pre-printed wood fobs are available off-the-shelf and are deliberately priced to be comparable to plastic fobs. They're also packaged in packs of 25 to make it easier for more people to make the switch. It's an easy swap with next to no investment, but makes an immediate visual impact!

Wood fobs are ideal for meeting rooms, events and conferences and communicates your brand's sustainable principles way more effectively than a leaflet every could.

Buy a better card holder or lanyard to go with your cards
In most cases these days, you can swap to a recycled (and recyclable) ID card holder and recycled or bamboo lanyards without any price difference.

Recyclable ID card holders are available in most colours of the rainbow, and there's usually a lanyard to match. 

Whether you need plain, pre-printed or custom branded lanyards, make sure you look for a supplier that offers rPET. Most lanyards on the market are now made from this recycled plastic which usually originates from plastic bottles.

Another option is bamboo lanyards, manufactured from undyed bamboo fibre. These can be custom screen printed to show off your brand's sustainability.

Interested in sustainable accessories? Check out our recyclable ID card holders and eco-friendly lanyards.

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